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A new advertising concept

For many years now, with conventional promotions, our clients have not been impacted and our campaigns serve very little, but now you can impact your clients with the Publiairbag, a product patented by our firm and with many possibilities such as: presentations of a new product, invitations, raffles, Christmas greetings and everything you can think of.

The Publiairbag can be made special shapes or use our standard forms, you can also include a support so that it can be used as decoration or support.

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More different shapes

Publiairbag is a new interactive advertising model that adapts to customer branding, where you can choose between basic models or customize the shape with your logo.

With a guaranteed quality control, it is an interactive piece that allows the client to see the brand grow in front of him.

How does it work?

It is very simple, consists of an easy-to-send bag that when hit is activated and inside it starts to inflate a balloon in a special or standard which ends up going outside after breaking the die getting special attention from the customer when It is activated and we also manage to awaken curiosity waiting to know what form or message may appear.

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A world of possibilities within conventional or personalized formats, for a promotional impact gift.

Ask us for a test and we will send it to you so that you can evaluate yourself what a Publiairbag entails.


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Publiairbag bloc


Publiarbag díptico

With Ads Base

Publiairbag promocional supradyn

Promotional Flyer

Publiairbag flyer lavamanos

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